Alfie’s visit May 29th 2021

We had the pleasure of a visit from ex-President Alfie Jones recently. Alfie spends most of his time in Kerry now, so it was great to see him back in Kilbogget Park.

Alfie Jones is a Seapoint legend for many reasons only one of which is being Felix’s dad. He also served as President of the club for 3 consecutive years. It is said that he wore a different jacket for each year – one black, then blue, then green. He is pictured above with another multi-year President, Jimmy (2 caps) McKeever.

The original design for the new gym and clubhouse upgrade was prepared by Alfie and he applied for the planning permission (subsequently extended) that we are now building.

For many years since then the vision was kept alive by the members, Presidents and executive committees. We dared to dream and now we are realising that dream.

Here are some sneak pictures from inside the building: