We’re building a stairway to heaven…

There’s a club that is keen,
On the Black, Blue and Green,
And they’re building a stairway to Heaven

You could sing that!

Lots more work happening inside the clubhouse for our new development so this update is of the new staircase and a quick look out of windows of the new gym.

Wooden it be great to see it finished…


Some better views of the new maple cladding

First peek of the timber cladding on the outside of the second floor.

Graham tells us the wood is beautiful to look at, to work with and to smell!

Here it is only visible through the netting on the scaffolding, but the scaffold should come down soon, maybe around July 9th and we have a better view of our Cedar finish

Reaching for the skies…

We have reached the end of June and things are looking up.

Much of the work on our new clubhouse has been hidden from view at first as internal demolition and wall building took place. But recently we noticed more visible evidence of the new facilities as first the scaffolding, then the block work and finally the roofing has reached for the skies.


Our blog at the end of May showed Alfie Jones with his fellow ex-President Jim McKeever as they surveyed the blocks being delivered on sight. Soon afterwards the scaffolding was erected and things began looking “up”!

Gym windows

The height of the new section became clear then and the opening for the gym windows became clearer.

Graham hard at work getting the roof timbers in place.

The steel arrived onsite and the building team were soon hard at work putting on the roof timbers.

Our rugby season may have come to a close but the building team continue the effort to deliver the best community based rugby club in South County Dublin.

Update May 26th, 2021

Most of the work is indoors and not that obvious for the time being.

However the end of next week should show the second floor rising up.

The interior blockwork is completed and this is a sneek peek at one of the new dressing rooms (it will look bigger and better in real life!). The new stairs will rise above the block wall at the very end of this photo.

The team are working away to fulfil our dream of being the best community-based rugby club in South County Dublin.

Work begins…

Pictured at the beginning of the actual building work are President Mick O’Toole and Tom O‘Connor from Seapoint Rugby Club, Architects Andrew Lohan and Radwan Bazama from Andrew Lohan Architecture, and not forgetting Graham Connolly and David Sheridan of JCS who will be doing the actual work! 

Work began on May 4th and Club President, Mick O’Toole has proclaimed it “A great day for the Club. This is an ambitious, once in a generations project to upgrade our facilities.”

The project is due for completion in September 2021 and will see a huge upgrade to the rugby playing facilities for the club.

A new gym will be added to a second floor which will look out over the pitches.

We are also providing a second showering facility as Seapoint now has over 80 female players and we will field at all levels of the women’s game soon.

The work being done now is the result of a number of years planning by our building committee, led by previous Club President Stephen McDonough, it is truly a team effort.

The estimated cost of the project is 400,000 Euro and has been funded, almost in equal thirds by a Sports Capital Grant, a  new Term Loan and fund raising among club members and friends. 

The Make Your Point initiative was kicked off by Brian Lyons (Club Captain) and has been hugely successful for the club.  Members were asked to contribute to the building fund by buying a tile which would be placed on the wall with their name / family name on it.

The initiative was launched in January and despite lockdown had a amazing response from the club with 336 tiles (way exceeding the target) bought by May 14th. There is still a small amount of space available so anyone who wants to be remembered in the new clubhouse and has not already bought a tile should come forward soon.

Seapoint Mini & Youths (boys and girls) and dragons (special ability) teams have been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last number of years.   Now with the clubhouse expanding as well there is a palpable feeling of excitement as the Junior and Senior teams return to play.

Seapoint 2.0

A sneak preview of what Seapoint 2021 will be – with your support what a marvellous facility for our club’s future!

Coming soon – Seapoint 2.0 – #makeyourpoint