Reaching for the skies…

We have reached the end of June and things are looking up.

Much of the work on our new clubhouse has been hidden from view at first as internal demolition and wall building took place. But recently we noticed more visible evidence of the new facilities as first the scaffolding, then the block work and finally the roofing has reached for the skies.


Our blog at the end of May showed Alfie Jones with his fellow ex-President Jim McKeever as they surveyed the blocks being delivered on sight. Soon afterwards the scaffolding was erected and things began looking “up”!

Gym windows

The height of the new section became clear then and the opening for the gym windows became clearer.

Graham hard at work getting the roof timbers in place.

The steel arrived onsite and the building team were soon hard at work putting on the roof timbers.

Our rugby season may have come to a close but the building team continue the effort to deliver the best community based rugby club in South County Dublin.